Counselling is short term therapy. I start the therapy with an intake session where we determine the problem you want to focus on. Depending on the problem the following sessions are planned. In these sessions we agree how we can plan treatment and how I can help you to accomplish your goals. The goals for the therapy will be discussed during the second session. The client chooses his/her goals and these goals are achieved by the client. The psychologist is there for support on this journey. The responsibility for the therapy is taken by the client herself/himself.

In my sessions I use different methods. The most important initial aspect is therapeutical contact. It is difficult to solve the problems together if we haven’t achieved a good therapeutical contact. Every problem is unique and there is no one way to solve everything. We would usually start with weekly sessions and then move to making our appointments every two weeks or even checking in once a month. It depends on the problem and on the client’s needs.